Throughout the years, government and the amount of control they have has always been a controver
sial issue because of how much control is exerted. The sides of the political and economic spectrum are as different as night and day, with some calling for very little government while others believe the government should have complete power. The government in 1984 was totalitarian system with the top leaders being Big Brother and the Party. Winston and the other citizens were practically brain washed to follow the party blindly without real knowledge of what the Party was. The people were taught that “WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (Orwell 17). The slogan of the party was brain washed into every citizens mind and they follow it blindly, doing things the Party thinks best. Citizens take part in groups like the Anti-sex League, Youth League, and the Spies just because it is promoted and encouraged by the government. They have complete control over citizens’ lives, from what they read to where they work. Although the government in Little Brother was a democratic government, it shows how easily people with power can take advantage of that and turn to a more totalitarian government styles. Severe haircut lady, Carrie Johnson, had control over the DHS and resorted to harsh punishment and torture to people to get the information she wanted. The main purpose of the DHS is to protect and preserve civil liberties of citizens (Department). By torturing Marcus and his friends she might have thought she was in bounds, but torture is not an action that is approved of. In the 21st Century, most governments have learned that a democratic government is the best but still exercise too much control. This may be purely opinionative, because many American citizens feel that President Obama has shown too much power by enforcing the stimulus p
ackage, while others think he is right on the money ("YouTube Obama"). News stations, such as Fox News, enjoy ridiculing President Obama; they say things about how he does not know what he is doing and he is not good for the country. Even though most countries feel this way about their leaders and democracy, there are still some that oppress the people, forcing them to live in societies like 1984. These societies include that of China, North Korea, and even the oppresion of minorites in more democratic countries ("YouTube China"). The governments do not allow different opinions to be voiced, doing so will get citizens arrested. Many societies, even those under democratic influence, have a tendency to lean towards the totalitarian rule under times of stress. Those times are more common now with wars occuring in Iraq and Afghanistan. If society continues down this road the future societies might just be the most dominated there have been.