The future of this world and the United States in particular is becoming a dark thing. The wordle below demonstrates some of the methods that will be used in the future to control the people.
Many young people today and in the future will still be blinded by the images the government project. Notice how the students only hope to be happy and have whatever career they want. Also look at how most students do not discuss political changes and how that may effect their futures. They all have a positive future in place for themselves and do not think much of the negative.

This is the hope of many people in society today, but these people have no idea about the true society they live in ("YouTube 10"). The future, since it will be so controled and guarded will not allow futures like this to come into play. The young kids will be trained for a certain job their whole life. No choices will be given, and changes will not be accepted. Life will be a planned out map from the day kids are born to when they die. In the video below notice the method of government being used and how many limitations life in this society would be.

This is the outcome of the future from the more governmental point but also a little of the society portion ("YouTube Future"). The government will exercise complete control over the people. Dynasties will become a more common occurrence, because the ruler will want to keep the power in the family. No person is safe from the government because spies will be everywhere. With full-fledged devotion to the party no act will go unnoticed. Every word and action will be picked apart by a spy or telescreen making even thoughts susceptible to watching. With no restictions on control, the government will go out of control on the technology. Notice many of the different areas the technology is starting to reach and how soon in the future it may come.

This is the technological future that is funded by the government to provide many secret ways in which to spy on the people ("YouTube The 21st"). Even things unmentioned in the technological timeline will take place. The high-tech telescreens will have access to peoples thoughts, similar to the Thought Police in 1984. Many parts of this future are already unfolding in today's society. The future is on it's course and is hard to change.