Technology plays an important role in Doctorow and Orwell's novels, by assisting in challenging the system and by being omnipresent in today's society. In 1984 technology is used to spy on people. All of the walls have video screens on them which watch and hear what people are saying. The purpose of the telescreen is to look for people who might rebel against the government by committing thoughtcrime; "Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death. I have committed even before setting pen to paper the essential crime that contains all others unto itself" (Orwell 23). Winston knows that he is committing the ultimate crime when he says this. The fact that he is starting to rebel against the Party and commit thoughcrime is in his head and will hinder his rebellion. The technology in this novel is also used to destroy old news stories and change history to make it relevant to current situation the country is in. When Oceania ends the war with Eurasia and goes to war with Eastasia all of the bad stories about Eurasia are destroyed. That gives the people the feeling as if they have always been at war with Eastasia. In this novel and Little Brother technology was used in bad ways by the government, but Marcus in Little Brother chose to put technology on his side which benefited his campaign. Marcus put technology to a good use by creating the X-net and distributing it around to other kids (Doctorow). By doing this he is putting the technology on his side by making him mostly untraceable and putting obstacles up in front of the DHS (Doctorow). He knows that "technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy", and that is what it does for him (Doctorow 88). He chooses to use technology in different ways than Winston, which benefits him in the long run. Marcus is also getting a large group of supporters behind him unlike Winston who just has a few people to back him up. Technology is what brought together the group of teens and it is what helped Marcus prevail in the end. In society today the people do not use technology to the best of its abilities. It is used in areas that are not of real benefit and instead is used for all of the pointless tasks now employing peoples time: videogames, facebook, and even 'crack-berries'. In the video the technology shown is really just another way for humans to use technology is a silly way ("YouTube Microsoft"). It even shows that these new table tops have cameras that could be used by the government to get your passwords or spy on your activity. If humans were to use technology in ways similar to Marcus, then
maybe a new level of society could be reached where government would not have so much control and life would be in the hands of the people living it. People are just to amazed by technology to really see the negative parts of it, and to see the corruption it could be used for by the government. Sadly humans have not used technology to the best of its ability and therefore will not reach the same levels that Marcus did, but the government will find ways to spy none the less.

[Pay attention to 1:10]